Protesters give three finger salutes in defiance of the junta during a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon. 7th February 2021. Photo: © K.E.N.
San Chaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar, on 19th February 2021. Photo: © P.A.T.
An anti-coup protester provides cover with a fire extinguisher as another reaches to pick up and return a tear gas canister towards approaching security forces. Yangon, Myanmar, on 28th February 2021. Photo: © P.A.T.

Myanmar in Crisis


A VII Academy Documentary Project

Curated by Philip Blenkinsop and Daniel Schwartz.

It is with pride and heavy hearts that we launch this page, dedicated to highlighting the ongoing plight of the civilian population of Myanmar through the eyes of VII Academy Alumni photographers; brave and selfless individuals who continue to risk their lives to document the ‘Peoples’ Revolution’.

We are witnessing through their eyes a civilian uprising born to confront the crimes against humanity being perpetrated by a corrupt and sadistic military junta.

A demonstration against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar. February 8th, 2021 Photo: © K.E.N.

70 days into the coup, the verified fatalities stand at over six hundred and thirty, a figure which includes women and children; Myanmar’s last independent newspaper was shut down on March 17th and in recent days, the ‘heroes’ of Kalay have shown remarkable bravery and determined resistance in standing up to the Tatmadaw with homemade muzzle-loading hunting-rifles.

There are whispers of a People’s Army in the offing.

Whatever the coming days, months and heaven forbid, years bring, it is a tragic state of affairs; a seed of pain and suffering sewn into the collective heart of the peoples of Myanmar, the effects of which will be felt for generations to come.

We encourage you to stand with these news gatherers; and show your support by sharing their images and testimonies.

As of April 10th, 38 journalists have been detained.

A group that included monks later identified as members of the ultranationalist ‘Patriotic Young Monks Union’, including Pyinnyawuntha a well-known participant in the pro-military rallies, used metal bars to attack cars and their drivers that were blocking traffic as part of the civil disobedience campaign against military rule before taking refuge in the adjacent Shwe Kyin monastery. Residents, gathered outside to demand action against the attackers are seen here welcoming the arrival of the police. 18th February 2021. Photo: © H.K.A.
The funeral of Ko Than Win Htike (aka) Ko Thiha age 21, a water-bucket delivery man who was shot in the face in Insein Township, Yangon on 27th March. 29th March 2021 Photos: © P.A.T.
Mourners gathered around the coffin of Ko Than Win Htike, Yangon. 29th March 2021. Photo: © P.A.T.
(L-R) Ko Than Win’s lifeless body lies in the street in Insein Township, Yangon. Ko Than Win Htike’s body being driven from the scene, (27th March) Funeral invitation, Mourners paying tributes. 29th March (Images courtesy 3rd party)
(left) University students, monks and civilians protest against the military coup at Hledan, Kamayut township, Yangon, Myanmar. 7th February 2021. (right) Residents use shields for cover from slingshot as pro-Junta mobs attack at Shwegondaing, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanma on 18th February 2021. Photos: © H.K.A.
Crowds protesting against the military coup at Sule, Yangon downtown area, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar. 11th February 2021. Photo: © H.K.A.
Security forces crack down on the residents in Tamwe Township, Yangon, following protests by residents against the new military-appointed ward administrator. The neighborhood’s road was blocked by about 20 military and police vehicles with water cannons used against residents, more than 30 of whom were arrested. 26th February 2021. Photo: © H.K.A.
Anti-coup demonstrators hold fast behind their barricades in the face of Tear gas fired by security forces; additional smoke from fire extinguishers providing cover against snipers. Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar on 28th February 2021. Photo: © M.E.I.
Policemen running at demonstrators in Padonmar street, San Chaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar, on 28th February 2021. Photo: © P.A.T.
Ko Zwe Htet Soe, shot dead by security forces on Wednesday 24th Feb. is bade farewell by his mother and grandmother at his funeral in Yaeyaw cemetery, North Oakalarpa Township, Yangon, Myanmar 26th February 2021. Photo: © H.K.A.
(left) Women workers from Industries demonstrating against the coup give the three-finger salute in Insein Township, Yangon, Myanmar, on 18th February 2021. Photo: © P.A.T. (right) Policemen check buildings in Hledan Township, Yangon, Myanmar, on 26th February 2021. Photo: © P.A.T.
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(left) Two young women give the three-finger salute during the first protest against the Myanmar Military coup in Hledan Township, Yangon, Myanmar, on 6th February 2021. Photo: © P.A.T. (right) The Tatmadaw’s Guide to Effective Governance. © P.B..
Soldiers block the street in front of Central Bank Yankin after protesters demanding the release of Aung San Suu Kyi took to the streets to protest against the Military coup. Yangon, Myanmar, on 15th February 2021. Photo: © P.A.T.
as of APRIL 11th, 631 people have been verified killed at the hands of the Tatmadaw. This real figure is likely to be considerably higher. Click here for the names of the victims and the manner of their deaths.
General Min Aung Hlaing, Yangon. March 5th and 6th 2021. Photos © K.E.N.



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